Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Hey so this is the first ever blogpost I'm handing over here and i neither know what I'm going to put here nor wonder how long these postings will keep up. =P Let see how long things last shall we? So whats my first post gonna be? wanna know? really want to know?
ok ok enough of humourless jokes. so what is sometimes? It is just that. Sometimes. Basically refers to the moments when we have no other explanation for. A collective noun for those uncountable momments.
For me though, sometimes refers to the times i missed out on saying 'hey whats up?' or 'how you doing mate?' To me its those missed opportunities from which i felt that i could have said something more or said something less. Those times when i felt silence would speak more then words. Those are my sometimes
Thing is I will never get those 'sometimes' back. Those moments I lost will never return. Which add even more to my fear, the fear of losing someone without telling them how much i truly cared. Saddest thing is that these 'sometimes' will never return.
I have yet too lose a loved one and God forbid should it happen anytime soon. One such example is my grandmum. She's not going to be around for long. Yet something still stops me from going up to her giveng her a hug and just saying how much i love her.
I take comfort in knowing thant in some way or the other i will stop my 'sometimes' from growing. I can never make it shrink. I can stunt its growth. Thats the lucky thing about 'sometimes'. So here goes nothing.
till the next time we meet.
adioz sayonara and alvida

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