Wednesday, February 13, 2008

14th of february 2007 =P

I woke up this morning
And saw love all over again,
In the face of the mother
Protecting her brood
Wanting to rip the eyes of the bully
She fears not the brute
In the eyes of a father
Who saw all the worlds hardships
And chased the boogey man away
For his kids to smile again
On the lips of a lover
With golden words
Promising a promise
Of forever and a day
In the actions of teacher
Holding the future
Of our nations peace
In her very hands
I saw it in a kids delight
His joy at a small present
With unquestioned love
For everyone around him
Power beyond all
The four lettered word
Its beauty incomprehensible
Its wrath unheard .

Happy valentines day. From my heart to yours. Today when you say I Love You to anyone, say it with all your heart and say it with true feeling. Don’t analyse your feelings. Just go with the flow.
God bless.

Meninder =)