Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ishveer: My baby brother.

Every time I see him I always see that same smile. Innocence,naive, a picture of perfection. I see a little boy whose dreams are a reality. Who enjoys the simple pleasures of life without wanting more. His smile the number one reason why we all smile.
Even as I'm writing this he's sitting there and watching me, eyes piqued and curiosity alive. Beautiful brown eyes. Cutest smile that is so free for everyone to see. But not once has anyone seen him cry. Even as a baby not once did he cry. And he's every ones child.
Best part about him is the fact that he can always tell when your upset or when you feel down. He's usually the only who can guess how anyone is feeling. he never judges against anyone. He can't. He doesn't understand why he simply can't believe the best about a person. He wants to believe the best about the world and he does.
Kindness, pure, honest,larger then life, with a big heart. I can find all the values the world lacks in this one boy,in all children.
Here he comes probably to ask a for story. The innocence of a child to find happiness in a simple children's story. I hide a tear for my disappearing childhood and pray to God that the world would learn from the people we call "children".