Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Little drops of water

Drops of water come falling for above,
I sit here in resign.
Seeing not but the farthest ends
Of fields and meadows far and wide
I lost some bonds
I thought would never break
I lost some sense of reason
A decision made without the clock
A decision made out of reason
Sad that I am I think not back
For days and time has passed
The raindrops keep falling from far above
Down the rabbits chute
To glories below
A microscopic dot
In the universe
But something so powerful.
Designing landscapes and feeding lives
A little drop of water
Can make a plant grow
And from that plant an animal will live
And so the cycle goes
As it climbs the top most point
Our existence comes to play
That drop of water down my back
Is the reason why I live
Depth of wondering minds
Brings about a sense of purpose
For in the moment I feel numb
I feel a thousand rivers
A thousand suns a thousand stars
I see what most choose not to
I sit here patiently with raindrops down my back
No longer do I sit resigned
For these little drops of water
That shape the mighty land
Taught me that this is not the end
Nor will it be for a long time.