Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some thoughts :)

It’s been real long since I actually opened this laptop to write something:)

You it just recently hit me that I tease all my school leaving friends about schooling in the middle ages. You know the jungle trekking to get to school, the snake infested swamp, vampire teachers etc etc( ok maybe I exaggerate a little bit ) ok maybe a lot

But its just occurred to me, (how daft seeing as that I’m being continuously reminded that my entire future hangs in the balance) that I’m going to soon be joining those Darling friends of mine in the middle age society(lol)

Seriously, one moment I’m a toddler, next I’m spending two years in Indonesia, my primary school days end… and my secondary school chapeter is about to meet the same fate.

What have I done to make this leg of my Journey memorable?

Many things. Happy, sad, crazy things(love these), bizarre, successful and some even down right disastarous. And all those moments built up my life.

As I look back, I see so many things. I see 16 years worth of memories. I look at a photo of me when I was 3 years old and have this distinct longing just to crawl back into those times( which might explain my childish behaviour). I see love. I see some old rivalry. (if anyone didn’t got through the girls versus boys stage please shoot me in the head.) I see so many memories. Some painful others healing. But cherished memories all the same.

I look at my school mates and realize that I, not gonna be on that same environment in another 6 months time. Its gonna all change. Don’t get me wrong I’m exited to see what the world has in store for me but I’m not quite ready to give up what I have now. It sad to think that all kids are dying to grow up fast but all grown ups are praying for a reverse growth formual.

I guess that’s the mystery of time. It’s like sand you try holding in the palm of your hand. It has a funny way of slipping out and never returning. I guess that’s why so many people say just go with the flow.

Still its hard to imagine life without school, a vampire teacher, cartoon classmater(no offence guysJ), your true friends, and your crazy memories. Its hard, right now, to imagine not having to wake up at enearthly hours to make it to school.

Somehow though I have to find my wings and fly. Its time to end yet another chapeter of this journey and move to the next beginning. But not just yet.

Meninder Kaur from 10/June/2007,5.30 pm