Saturday, March 19, 2011


Dream of a world
With freedom
Freedom for life
Freedom for our eyes
To reach the heavens
To dream for not a world
But for infinite of worlds
To see us all live
With neither difference nor division
To see us all
Look up too the same sun
Too live a life
Unlike anyones
Not a fear in sight
That’s freedom
To think to breathe to understand
Hail those sacrifices
The one that bring us today
Hail the heavens
Who have heard our pleas
Hail the ability too speak
The unspoken have been heard
Hail life and the lives spent
Hail all that have given us the reason
The reason to live
We are free
As we can now always be

*just a little something to start up the momentum of this blog again. and due to certain pressures from different parties.:)*