Saturday, September 8, 2007


The solo guitar comes in. You’re not prepared for what come next. BAM. It hits you. Listen to the words. I mean really listen too the words. Not just hum to the tune. Listen. So you think u can tell heaven from hell? Do really think u can? I wonder. Weirdly enough this questions hits half way base. Watching a man united game and the score is tied 0-0. Wait there he goes. He shoots….. HE SCORES!! Wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t?

Song in question is of course by my favorite band, Pink Floyd. Wish You Were Here. Listen to it. Think about what he is singing about. Listen to the bass. I mean really listen. What pops up in your mind the minute you here the first question. If u don’t have the song, just imagine someone asking you to spot the obvious differences between heaven and hell. But honestly is there a difference? Is there truly a difference between mount Everest and mount Kinabalu? I mean they are both mountains for Christ sake.

Why does mankind imagine differences and that shun those who are different from what is referred to as the norm of society? Why the colour is black associated with bad and the colour white associated with good? Why is it that we think of different ways to look at things when quite frankly everything is the same? Why is it that everyone insist that we are different and unique when we all come from the same all mighty?

Thing is we as man kind are afraid of differences. Try something new. Like instead of going with the norm of your workplace, try something different. Instead of wearing the colour blue all the time why not try the colour pink? Oh pinstripes instead of polka dots? Granted the management might want to send you on the next trained too crazy town but hey its u we are talking about not the rest of the world. So what the heck someone calls you a fool. It’s their problem not yours.

So what’s the true difference u can make? Remember the guy that score in that man u game? What if he hadn’t? There would be no beer parties no cause of celebration. Similar the opposition would have nothing too commiserate over. One goal had all that many things to change. Then we have politics where every vote counts. One vote and the political party in control can change. And that vote could be you.

How does all this fit in differences? Simply because that is what’s different. There is so many ways describing it yet so little too talk about. So how do we talk about it? Simple. It’s abundant all around us. Through music, racism and political debates. So now what do we do about it? Nothing. We just realize that there is little difference but also embrace the fact that we can make a difference. Make sense? Thought so. =P

Friday, September 7, 2007

Hey there....Here are some of the poems I've written... all are original and of different me what you think!! Peace.


The morning light creeping
Birds a chirping
The world alive
A breathe taken at every minute
A brand new beginning
Not yesterday’s sorrows nor disappointments
Nor tomorrows worry nor thousand questions
Nor little frown nor high monsoon
Just a minute without treason, crap or gloom.
A moment of peace
Where the entire world can wait
The silence heard so comforting
Nothing says no or yes
Nothing says just do your best
Just a second of emptiness if you will
A moment where the world is cool
Before reality sinks in before the truth is felt
Those are the true seconds
The separates heaven form hell.

"Soldiers Tears"

Another sunset has come too pass
The last bullet dies
The thousands screaming are silenced
I walk with neither a smile nor sigh
The rain falls down
Washing the blood off the field
How did these thousand die?
For a one misunderstanding
For million deaths
Brings a bout a billion lives
So what is the truth?
Truth seems all beyond
Is killing a husband a father a brother a child?
Is that justice at all?
For the widowed bride that sits and weeps
At every bullet I had sowed
For the wounded child that cries aloud
Cos daddy’s never coming home?
For the sisters tears come down in torrents
Unable to feel a brothers protection
A mother tears with courage
Hoping to see her sons return
For a war based on colour race and religion
I feel like I lost a thousand brothers
What is truly the jihad?
A thousand innocent lives lost for no reason?
Are we all brothers and men of god?
If we kill each others existence?
What is the future we build for tomorrow
If we build a future at all?
I walk through the desolate field
And here silence
The after feeling of death
For neither tears nor sighs nor groans
Nor laughs or smiles a plenty
Just a feeling of nothing in between
Sunset and sunrise
Cos tomorrow it continues
Again and again
Tomorrow never dies in this field my friend
I kill to live they kill too live
So what is life at the end?
For if death comes on swift wings
Dropping like pink mist
Down from heavesn peak to hells core
For neither today no tomorrow will save us
And now is forgotten
The true heroes of the battle field
Are those who run a way
For running away is the secret
To saving more lives today
A vacuum of silence
I’ve left my heart at home
For home is where it belongs
I wonder how will it be tomorrow
Will I see another sunset?
The mist falls as the stars shine
I look and pray to the divine
So that I’ll live to see another day
To see my son laugh
To watch my wife smile
To free my sister from all hells boys
To say I love you to my mom
One last time
Before my last sunset comes
Tonight I shall sleep
If I sleep at all that is
For tomorrow may be my last
From a father a husband
A brother and a child
I bid the world farewell

"A Little Piece Of Heaven"

Our fingers entwine
My hand on your heart
We whisper we talk
We sing our favourite song
Then silence
Nothing said
Just the sound of heartbeats
No I won’t speak
Cause silence is when we speak the most
The sky above so vast
A single speck that’s what we are
But in that silence
You make me feel the worlds mine
Mine too conquer mine for the taking
I need not worry for tomorrow
As long as I know you are there
Even if the world was at an end
All I’ll truly need is your hand
The silence broken by a drop
Then another and another
We get wet but what the heck
These are the moments that truly count
The heavens are crying
Not in pain and suffering
But in the beauty of two people
Able to share one thing in common
That one thing the world needs
That one piece of magic that truly exists
Nothing needs to be said or told
Its there in front of us as the tale goes.