Tuesday, August 21, 2007

One heck of a gal!!

(my sis on the left and me on the right)

It’s a lift

No a looking tower

No it’s a lift

Looking tower


Looking tower!!

And it goes on and on and on. Neither of us win.

Every time we pass that building we always have the same argument. Its an ovelish sort of building with windows on its side. Each time we cycle or drive pass that area we begin bickering on which it is. And we continue bickering until mom or dad gives us a telling off for squabbling.

That’s one of the MANY things my sis and me fight about. And trust me there’s a lot more from where that came from.

My sis and me have always been two sides of the same coin. Take our profiles for example.

Pevinder(my sister):
Dead logical. Only smiles when the joke makes sense in her eyes. Needs her eight hour sleep or she’ll be cranky. Loves learning new things. Love staying at home. A TV addict. Also addicted to games, chocolate and cars. Rarely reads and writes. Always is the top two in her class. Responsible and has a fun personality but shows it to a rare few. Very shy person.

Creative mind. Forever smiling and giggling. Can be really annoying. Survives on two hours of sleep daily but takes a twelve hour nap on Sundays. Forever on the move attending camps, family gatherings or just dancing in her own room. Hates the TV with a passion preferring to watch DVD’s on her comp or going out to the cinema. Reads too much and writes a lot. Plain crazy. Don’t ask about her position in class. Outgoing person.

Yet we are the best of friends. We argue a lot but we make up faster then ever. She’s fun to be around and can be a bubbly person. I love her to bits and I always will. Life is sometimes the best when you share it with your best friends and it gets better when your best friend is your sister. There’s a huge different between friends and buddies. Buddies encourage you too jump of the cliff. Friends stop you from doing that. My sis has been with me through thick and thin. Even when the world left me alone she was there to hold my hand. And I love her for it. I always have and always will.

There’s a funny thing that always happens when we fight. My mom always says. “Can’t you guys just be buds?”

No way

We will always remain as FRIENDS!!

FYI we still haven’t found out whether that oval building is a looking tower or a lift. Somehow I just wanna leave it that way =P

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