Friday, August 17, 2007

Sanity lost for a temporary time duration of 7 minutes

“ Its ok to get an E for geography” goes my mom

OK before the next blogger shouts in utmost surprise and before someone takes a screw driver with an extra pair of screws to screw my head back on properly let me tell you that I was in a perfect state of mind at that moment of time because of the fact that it was the last day of my exams and I was looking forward to finishing of my exam paper.(my mom had also already had her morning dose of caffeine and was wide awake when she told me this)

So here I am trying to eat something before the grand finale of my exams and my mom surprisingly told me that yeah its ok to fail my geo.

“Huh?!?” was my first reaction. My face resembled something to the likes of a fish out of water

And my mom repeated herself.



And again


And again

And the process repeated until the message finally sank in.

“Wait mom you sure brownie didn’t bite you too hard or something?”

Yup goes my mom again.

Weirdeness with my mom is a very very very very very very very very very


So just to double check I asked my sister to stand in the room with her both her ears open.

Mom just rolls her eyes’ cackles and then says
“I’m going too change my mind if you say it again.”

Ok ok so I shut up then.

Yeah I did. Another rare moment.


Some are weird and some painful. Some are happy others are tearful. But each and every moment is worth more then anything. Each and every moment is cherished. All for different reasons. All for different stancses.

This was probably my most loved moment because it was a time when my entire family was sitting down(my dad as well but he was too dumbfounded to speak) and also a time when my mom temporarily lost her sanity. The sheer beauty of it was awesome. These are the memories and the fun I always remember having and the kind of things that I will always keep with me because even if I have nothing in the world I’ll always have the few things that no one can take away. My faith, The lord and my memorable moments.

Those are the true reasons why I always cherish all my moments. Because these moments will never leave me. Not truly anyway.
(by the way mom regained her sanity after the exam and threatened me somewhat less then the death sentence if I didn’t pass. Fourtunately I still got my A. Another thing to always keep with me

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