Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hey people.....

In case you were wondering, the coffee drinker is a purely fictional post. The athelete in the story might sound familiar to a few of you but thats cause my dad told me his story when i was really disappointed on something(details will go no furthere from here people!!)

The coffee drinker however, well thats a character you will be seeing more of. Being a person who is completly bored out of my brains, i invented the coffee drinker as a way to pass time in hopes that i would not rot. But then it hit me, this coffee drinker, a pure figement of my imagination, could be the person who dwelves into memories and comes up with new stories, ideas and a paradigm thats shared with the world.

Who knows which memory and moment the coffee drinker will play up next. But untill the next post at least. I bid You all adieu.

without wax,

Ps... for people who have been following the blog intently, my poetry took a more depressing turn at one point. That was mainly cos of the exams. So dont worry people, Im still completly(well. almost) sane. :)


Hargobind Khalsa said...

love the concept of the coffee maker. a ficitonal character to tell a fake-true story. that's awesome!! what's this 'without wax' thing you got going? inside story perhaps?

A little window to my world said...

the concept is good... coming up woth the stories is going to be a pin...:P
thanks for the support anyways...:)

A little window to my world said...

and without wax... haha... i believe only one person knpow the inside story there... and i thouht u would be the one... doink!!:P