Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just another window view :)

I am alive
But not living
A shadow in depths
I breath
But I’m not breathing
The air is just another thing
That goes by
Even that’s just a sound.
No meaning
Not a sentence or a word

I feel nothing,
I’ve loss the sense of sight and sound,
I’m just alive, passing
Not grabbing on the moments that fly by
Is this life?
How dull and uninteresting…

I could die right now
(Evacuating soul in 3,2,1….)
But I don’t
I’m still alive but not living…
Its dark and suffocating,
Like a blanket that can’t be removed
And when removed its jus the same,
No change,

I’m bored but can’t do anything,
I’m scared but can’t scream,
I’m happy but can’t smile,
I’m alive but not living.
Help me please?

Help me stranger
Help me move again
Help regain my senses,
My emotions my thoughts
Let me feel sorrow
Let me feel fear
Let me look my maker in the eye
And tell him I’m here

I’m ready stranger
I’m ready to move on
To make a difference
To grab at the mommets not let them move at all
I want to fly! I want to glide!
Push me off the edge of that cliff
Like a baby eagle
Give me my wings!
Let me fly!
Let me in to those gates
Let me scream and shout
Let me laugh and cry
Give me a tune, a simple tune,
Let me live, at last
No more monotone, or emptiness,
Let life crash through me
Like a waterfall
Crasing down to the rocks
In musical syncrohny
Sigh that is life
That is life.

Meninder Kaur
11.08 am

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